Thursday, March 13, 2014

Writing Process Blog Hop: My Turn

Misty Mymudes from talked me into doing this blog hop, mostly by having George the Basset Hound write her bit.  I wasn't able to find three more authors to feature (well, I had two and both backed out at the last minute).  It does make me question the effectiveness of this kind of promotion, but that's another article.

Obligatory introduction:  My first book, ‘Life With a Fire-Breathing Girlfriend, is a modern fantasy about a database administrator, David, and his girlfriend Rose, who is a Dragoness from a high-fantasy world.  She is spending three years on Earth, in Human form, soaking up all the love, wonder, and joy David can generate.  She needs that energy to make her children stronger and better able to survive to adulthood.  The spell which transfers that energy keeps them mentally, physically, and emotionally balanced.  They can’t fight.  Their moods, needs, and desires are all perfectly matched.  They know where each other is and how the other feels at all times.  The spell is even designed to prevent them from going crazy from living like that.

The part David didn’t count on is really what happens to him.  Up until now, he’s only pretended to be a Hero in games.  When he bonds with Rose, he becomes an actual Hero.  He missed that part of the fine print.  Of course, when you have a Hero enjoying a perfect, peaceful life, some shmuck has to come along and try to ruin it.  That’s in the fine print, too.

For David, it starts when someone murders a childhood friend of his.  The also get into a fight with their homeowners’ association, which is just rife with bad decisions all around.  Some of those bad decisions get totally out of hand, leaving David and Rose scrambling to stop a genocidal unicorn from giving Earth an extreme makeover.

1) What am I working on: Right now I’m working on Rose and David’s third adventure.  It takes place at a science fiction/fantasy/gaming convention in Las Vegas.  David has been running a game design studio and encountering all kinds of problems.  I’ve really enjoyed ruining his life with the company; part of my research was talking to people I know in the gaming industry and collecting horror stories from them.  I also added a few events I witnessed while doing IT contracting.  Re-reading some of these events, I’m still amazed at what people think they can get away with. 

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre: A lot of urban fantasy tends to be set in grungy, low-magic environments.  I like keeping Rose’s world available, since that gives me an option to do stuff with a more ‘epic fantasy’ feel.  I also use a lot of geek/pop culture references, since geeks and gamers are a major part of my target audience.

3) Why do I write what I do: Because I’m rubbish at erotica.  I’d have a lot more money coming in if I could write hot sex scenes.

4) How does my writing process work:  I usually start with a crazy idea and then find out what happens next.  If I get stuck, I have a deck of Storymatic cards.  I grab one or two and use them as inspiration for a plot twist or new development, and that usually gets me going again.    

Speaking of getting going again, I should go back to writing.  Las Vegas isn't going to trash itself.

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