Saturday, January 9, 2016

A few words from the lovely Rose Drake

Gather round, children! It's time to play 'Know Your Dracoforms'.

No, I didn't draw this.  I'm busy. - Rose
I'm not sure what the 'drake' is supposed to be. An aspirational monitor lizard, perhaps? I suppose it could be a hatchling with...say, tightly-folded wings? No matter... In proper society, "Drake" is used as a general term for any true Dragon. Back home, it refers to a male Dragon. The feminine term is 'Drakess'. 'Drakessa' is the plural.

Wyverns have more in common with geese than they do with true Dragons. They are generally bestial and lack speech and refinement. They can be useful in warfare, however, assuming you can keep them from eating your infantry.

Wyrm is an Anglo-Saxon word which properly refers to any ancient true Dragon. In the eastern regions of Earth, the type of Dragon pictured has been referred to as a 'Lung', 'Ryu', 'Naga', and 'Tatsu', among other names. They are true Dragons, and tend to be somewhat contemplative and scholarly. There are exceptions, of course...

Behold me!
Well, sort of...  Fine, I picked it because the scale color was the closest I could find.
Lastly, we have the true Dragon as we appear in the western part of Earth. A true Dragon has the following characteristics: Intelligence, the capacity for speech, four legs, and the power of flight. Wings are the primary physical trait differentiating eastern and western true Dragons from one another; they do not determine what is and is not a true Dragon.

One more detail: if you are unsure if your new neighbor is a pathetic wyvern or a noble true Dragon, take a few moments and look around the lair mouth for 'fewmets'; that is, er, droppings. A true Dragon does not defile his or her home by defecating around it; a wyvern will. In short, if you see poop, shoot to kill. If not, bring a large meal, some tribute items, and your best manners to request a parlay. The lives you save could be your entire village's.

Farewell for now, children. The donation chest is on the left as you leave.

Rose Drake
Rose Drake is a Dragoness living in Boulder Colorado.  She is the Chief Financial Officer of Curious Diversions game studio, makers of 'Ecophage', and writes a financial discussion blog.  She enjoys sunbathing, treasure baths, and using her Middle Eastern dancing skills to charm tribute from the wallets of horny men who have forgotten both their wives and their roasted lamb platters.

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