Thursday, January 2, 2014

Music to Date your Dragon By

This is kind of an experiment, not just in terms of the level of interest it generates, but also in terms of just how practical a ‘soundtrack’ is.  Ideally, I wanted to have a playlist set up so these pieces could be played directly from the blog.  I don’t know if it’s even possible, but I couldn’t find a way to do it.   
Like a lot of writers, I listen to a lot of music while I work.  Sometimes as background noise, sometimes as inspiration, and sometimes as mood setting for a specific scene.  Some of the writers I admire have listed the artists they listen to while working; that was how I got introduced to Steeleye Span, Clannad, and Silly Wizard.  I thought about a list of inspirational music, but the idea of an actual soundtrack was much more fun.

Two albums deserve special mention: Conan the Barbarian and How to Train Your Dragon.  Both are excellent additions to any library, but for writers, game masters, and game designers, they’re both must-haves.  Power, adventure, tragedy, romance, triumph – these two have music for all those occasions.  Money well spent.

Some of these can be tricky to find, so I've added links for those. 

Book 1

Rose appears                                       ‘Open Arms’, Journey
The Dragon With the Girl Tattoo       ‘Test Drive’, How to Train Your Dragon
Family Dinner                                     Information’, The Rainmakers
For Sharon                                          Bright Eyes’, Watership Down, Art Garfunkle
                                                            ‘Banzai March’, Buckaroo Banzai
Driving with Randall                          ‘Baseball Furies Chase’, The Warriors OST  
Welcome Aparna                                ‘The Rolling World’, Ruth Barrett            

Book 2

Chasing Mavis                                   ‘Yakety Sax’, Boots Randolph (Benny Hill Show)
Dealing with the HOA                       ‘Mars, Bringer of War’, Gustav Holst
The Real Rose                                    ‘Coming Back Around’, How to Train Your Dragon
Little Blue Hatchie Romp                  ‘He Mele No Lilo’, Lilo and Stitch OST
Bardic                                                 ‘River’s Dance’, Firefly OST 
Unicorn                                              ‘Into the West’, Return of the King OST
This Means War                                 ‘Not Ready to Make Nice’, Dixie Chicks
The Dragon Angel                             ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’, Aaron Copeland
Breakfast at the Diner                        ‘Safety Dance’, Men Without Hats               

Book 3

Hero’s Funeral                                    ‘Hail the Hero (Mo Ghile Mear)’, Celtic Thunder
Smith                                                   Terminator Main Theme’, The Terminator OST
Dressing for War                                 ‘Follow Me up to Carlow’, An Cat Dubh
Tianisa                                                 ‘Theology and Civilization’, Conan the Barbarian
Dungeon, With Dragons                     ‘Ride of the Valkyries’, Richard Wagner
Bandits and Boss                                “Thunderstruck”, AC/DC
Big Damn Heroes (back to town)       ‘The Magnificent Seven Theme’, Elmer Bernstein    
Blood for Blood                                 ‘Orphans of Doom’, Conan the Barbarian OST
The Hall of Undying Names               ‘Mountain of Power’, Conan the Barbarian OST
Rose Carries On                                  ‘Love’ and ‘End Credits’, Serenity OST

David’s Theme                                    ‘Holding Out For a Hero’, Bonnie Tyler
Rose’s Theme                                      ‘Parade of Charioteers’, Ben Hur OST 


  1. What a great playlist, Bryan! (Love that you had Buckaroo Bonzai, Firefly, and Serenity in there!)

    Congratulations on the release!!!

  2. Fantastic idea! Congratulations on your new release!

  3. Looks like you put a lot of TLC into this playlist.
    Personally, love "How to Train Your Dragon".

    Best success with your new release!